Instant VIN Check

Where is my VIN code located?

You can find your vehicle’s VIN (or Vehicle Information Number) in several locations. Check on the title, on your vehicle registration, your insurance policy or your inspection sticker. The VIN may also be located in the following locations:

  • On driver’s side dashboard
    (visible through the windshield)
  • On driver’s side door
    (on a sticker in the door jamb)
More about VINs

How do VIN checks work?

When we run a VIN check for you, we search for all records in the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System that are associated with your unique VIN. The NMVTA maintains vehicle history information from a variety of sources. States, insurance companies and salvage yards are required by law to report information in a timely manner to this system so that up-to-date, comprehensive information is available quickly and easily. More about NMVTA

Why is a VIN check necessary?

You may want to run a VIN check for the following reasons:

  • To know more about the history of your vehicle
  • To find out if there are problems with the vehicle’s title
  • To perform an informal assessment of vehicle value

When buying a vehicle, running such a check reduces the risk of intentional fraud or unintentional misinformation by providing all available information. As a seller, it increases your confidence in a sale and helps ensure that you’re providing a vehicle with a clean history. More about our vehicle history reports

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